Pretend State of Mind

I had a great call last week from an agent.  He wanted to share with me a condition made in an offer he had just received on his listing.   You see, this agent did something a little different with this listing….he created a Vision Board for the large unfinished room in the home’s basement.  The agent reported that the offer made, the buyers had asked for the sellers to leave the Vision Board!  We shared a great laugh about this, but later as I reflected on the story, I was reminded of the importance that “Pretend States” play in our ability to help our clients see past the stumbling blocks and realize their dreams. We all use pretend states, but the challenge is, are we on-purpose when we use these powerful tools.

Here are some examples of pretend state language that can move one of your warm list buyers, over to your hot list in an afternoon!
1. Just for fun, let’s look at a couple of these homes on (the golf course, in town, acreage, etc.)
2. You don’t have to buy this home, but you owe it to yourself to take a look at it!
3. If you could live anywhere, what would that home look like?
4. With interest rates the lowest in 25 years, and prices at an all time low, are you living in the home that best suits your lifestyle?
5. And my personal favorite for your listings with “potential”, the Vision Board, which shows the prospective buyer the endless opportunities they have to turn that unfinished room into their dream gym, wine cellar, home office, or hobby room!

Posted on November 15, 2011 at 6:07 am
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